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Organic Pet WorX Dog & Puppy Wash - Itchy Dry Skin Formula


Formulated with all the best ingredients to heal dry itchy skin issues and to leave your pet's coat and skin in much better condition. 

Use:Hose pet well to allow for easy washing. Apply a quarter size amount or more of shampoo, lathering up all over.
Massage your pet to distribute the shampoo. Leave on for the recommended length of time. Do not allow to get in pet's eyes. Rinse well, making sure all the residue has disappeared.
Allow your pet to shake. Towel dry. Mist with Pooch coat conditioner!


  • Flax Seed Oil - Conditions skin and reduces itching and dryness. Leaves coat shiny and healthy
  • Zinc Oxide - Heals dry sore spots quickly also provides natural UV protection
  • Glycerin - Is a natural humectant that will help moisturize your pet's skin and keep the coat in beautiful shape
  • Colloidal Oatmeal - Reduces dryness and soothes irritated skin and calms dry itchy skin conditions


Size 12 Oz